We render broad range of services, thus helping our Clients to achieve set objectives and find opportunities for further growth and optimization of company activities. Our line of services is not limited to the list below, which is presented just for general sense of our capabilities. We are always ready to provide a tailored and creative solution for various financial and managerial matters of our Clients. Our services include, inter alia:

  • Banking with local and international financial institutions: fund raising, debt restructuring, search of potential investors, selection and arrangement of optimal hedging instruments, banking services for private clients in foreign banks (private banking), and all corresponding services (including business-plans, financial forecasting and corporate presentations).
  • Financial and managerial reporting, preparation and conducting IFRS audit: preparation of IFRS accounting policy, tax and management accounting policy, development of managerial and financial accounting methodology (record keeping and documentation guidelines, methodological recommendations on certain sections of accounting),establishment of management reporting system, elaboration of guidelines on transformation and preparation of consolidated financial statements (detailed schemes and implementation order of processes, executed upon preparation of statements; schedules of documents preparation with list of responsible persons), preparation to IFRS transit (with transformation tables, reports and disclosure notes, as well as training to accounting unit), IFRS audit with involvement of external auditor, financial and tax revisions, personnel selection and tests compilation for further selection of proper candidates, check of accounting and financial employees qualification.
  • Financial analysis, analysis of investment projects: financial analysis of company operations efficiency as a whole, and its stand-alone business units and goods/services (including profitability analysis, cost calculation, analysis of liquidity and effectiveness of resource utilization, analysis of solvency and debt utilization), financial revisions/audits, business valuation, investment projects analysis, business plan writing, financial modeling for separate projects and for a group of companies.
  • Business-processes and automation, strategic planning: preparation of corporate management documents (from organizational chart to unit manuals and individual job descriptions), analysis, formalization, description, optimization of business processes, automation of accounting systems based on ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions, development of business processes regulations, elaboration of budgeting and financial planning systems, establishment of internal control systems, development of strategic plans based on international systems requirements.


Partners of Finexco are our Clients and leading consulting companies in the areas of legal services, tax, audit, appraisal, real estate, IT and automation, as well as local and international financial institutions (including banks, insurance companies, investment and other organizations)