About Us

Finexco team has longstanding and versatile experience in the area of corporate financial management, financial and tax accounting, as well as in international and local financial institutions. Fundamental base for successful and multilateral experience is a unique mix of professional education obtained at recognized international universities and access to broad network of professional contacts.

At different times, Finexco team members have been involved in structuring and arranging different financing instruments for large players in the economy of Kazakhstan. Credentials of Finexco team include successful arrangement of bilateral credit deals, syndicated loans, structured pre-export facilities, mergers and acquisitions financing, bond issues, and complex financial derivative instruments (for mitigation of interest rate and currency risks). It is worth to mention that one of the main success factors in above transactions was systemic approach towards task completion with addressing all related matters (including tax and legal issues), and ability to coordinate activities with representatives of different involved parties, located in different countries and time zones.

Extensive experience in corporate financial management includes credit portfolio management under restructuring with tenor extension, cost of funding decrease and collateral structure optimization, including interim refinancing; development of integrated corporate management information system and technical infrastructure; group structure optimization including legal restructuring and intra-group indebtedness restructuring; information database establishment and financial statements optimization; business process description and optimization; and complex tax and legal tasks accomplishment.

Finexco Team has broad expertise in set-up of financial and tax accounting systems, elaboration of financial and tax accounting policies, audit of opening statement of financial position in relation to IFRS transit, as well as in corresponding valuation of assets (including biological assets).
It is necessary to mention substantial experience in organization of risk-management and internal control systems in state-owned financial institutions, arrangement of corporate management system, obtaining ratings from international rating agencies and searching for foreign strategic partners.


We render broad range of services, thus helping our Clients to achieve set objectives and find opportunities for further growth and optimization of company activities. Our line of services is not limited to the list below, which is presented just for general sense of our capabilities.